High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program

HAARP is a target of conspiracy theorists, who claim that it is capable of modifying weather, disabling satellites and exerting mind control over people, and that it is being used as a weapon against Muslim terrorists. Such theorists have blamed the program for causing earthquakes, droughts, storms and floods, diseases such as Gulf War Syndrome and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, the 1996 crash of TWA Flight 800, and the 2003 destruction of the space shuttle Columbia. Commentators and scientists say that proponents of these theories are “uninformed”, as most theories put forward fall well outside the abilities of the facility and often outside the scope of natural science.




The Endeavor – Star Fighter – Night Flight to Fractal Hill

I really like this video by Carroll MacDonald! Great music, diverse imagery and perfect timing!

And the saga continues…

In this video there are 2 Fractal Videos, I call them – Star Fighter and Cluster World. Both were rendered in Mandelbulb 3D latest version 1.82 and animated in Roxio VideoWave. The Star Fighter has 1550 images and took about 12 hours to render. The Cluster World has 4600 images and took 2 days to render. I’ve used the Star Fighter at the start of the movie, split it in Half and reused it backwards at the end of the movie to give the idea of moving away from Cluster World.

There are 2 piece of music I created in MixCraft, I call them – Night Flight to Fractal Hill and That’s the One.

The background I created in Photoshop.

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