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What I really LOVE about Fine Art America!

I had been on deviant for several years and although it is a wonderful community of very talented artist and prints are available there, it was not meeting my needs. So, I started searching Google for other sites to not only showcase my art, but increase my online presence and provide services and features not found on deviant art. I have been looking for a good place to market my art and tried many sites. Most of them offer very similar products as far as providing framing and prints of your art. But I wanted more than that!

Then I discovered FAA. This was different from the other sites I had looked at and posted images on. The more I looked around the more really cool features I discovered. Initially I joined the site on a free trial basis which allowed me to post twenty-five images for sale and have a closer look at just what the site was all about. The twenty-five image limit applies only to the number of images you can display for sale with a free membership. You can upload as many images as you want but will only be allowed to display twenty-five for sale.

Then after discussing FAA with other artist on deviant art, it was pretty easy to take the plunge from there. The cost of a premium membership on deviant art is $29.95 a year. When I joined deviant art I became a premium member right away. When reviewing the features of FAA however, it was clear right away that for just another nickel per year many more features could be had.


What follows is just some of those features.
Your Own Website

Two Websites in One
Selling Prints – Instantly

Beautiful Artwork Pages

Spectacular Image Rendering

Your Own Search Engine

Artwork Ordering Catalogs

Full Resolution Previews


Events Calendar

Press Releases


E-Mail Marketing

FaceBook Application

FaceBook Shopping Cart

TV Licensing / ABC Studios

Back End Features

Artist Control Panel

Full Customization

Visitor Tracking

Comment Tracking

Sales Manager

Don’t put it off! JOIN TODAY!!!