Mandelbulb3D Tutorial Master Training

It recently occurred to me that tutorials regarding the Mandelbulb 3D where scattered all over the internet, with the bulk of them being on, but there was not a single resource a new user could go to find everything they needed to learn the program. So after days of digging around and another couple of days to put it all together I created such a resource! Just click on the image below to download your copy.



The name of this file was selected for a reason. If a new user were to use this as a training tool and go through all the tutorials listed within they would be a master of the program in short order! This file has been revised a couple of times and may be again as new tutorials are created and shared. If you have a tutorial that you created that does not appear on this list, by all means contact me and I will gladly add it.



9th Annual Fractal Art Competition 2016 is holding its “Annual Fractal Art Contest” for the 9th time in row in the year of 2016. Submission’s will be accepted through the end of May!

Prizes are, as every year, winning images printed on coffee cups.

Statement regarding voting system:
everything stays as it was in the year before, the total sum of gained stars in the voting process are the one and only thing relevant for the final outcome. We are aware that the process is not perfect. A voting system needs a whole rewriting of the whole process of the participating/voting for that where simply no resources available to create a voting/gallery system with a special voting system. Presumably the voting system will be changed at the 10th birthday of the competition, perhaps we will have found a sponsor by then as well…
Read below for a detailed description of current system.

The most important link for the compo comes first, the gallery is where everything takes place, uploading and voting. This is the link to the gallery section:;cat=113

Official Sponsor for this years contest is (again) : NO ONE, everything related prize giving and prize sending is handled by the administrator alone, a very long delay has to be accepted for prize receiving, due to this only the first placed entries in each section will get a prize. But remember, being part of it is all that counts!

Time Schedule
– Submission Period begins on 1st of May at 00:00 Central European Time
– Submission Period ends on 31st of May at 23:59:59 Central European Time
– Voting Period begins on 1st of June at 00:00:00 Central European Time
– Voting Period ends on 30st of June at 23:59:59 Central European Time


*new, not obligatory*
Please sign your work, by placing the text “ Annual Fractal Art Contest 2016” inside your production you state crystal clear that you have produced it especially for the contest, and future viewers of the product will have a straight time location from when the product was produced. This was originally meant to be obligatory from the administrator but has been rejected by the admin people who thought that it would restrict artistic liberty too much, so make the admin happy and include it!

As every year, a contributor may enter up to 3 entries in each section of the competition, so every contributor may enter up to 9 total competition entries.

The Competition is (as always) split up into 3 sections, which are this year “Film”,”Still Frame Wildstyle” and as varying section we have this year the “Deep Exploration Mandelbrot” section.

It is desirable to publish “new” stuff in the contest, do not bore us with already known stuff. Anything already competing in another contest, or somehow already known to a wider public is unwanted. The administration team for the contest is not strictly excluding anything from the contest so it is up to you to either bore us to death or come up with inspiring new work. It would be to hard to verify every entry by hand, so nothing will be disqualified, but keep in mind that something already known wont get too much votes …

The whole voting and submission is done in the gallery. This year – for the first time – video submission are submitted by using the “Enter Video” feature of the current gallery, most of popular video hosting sites are included.

Remark about the voting System
The winner is determined by the total sum of stars. Which means that a single 5 star vote can not outnumber  for example an entry with two 3 star ratings. Although there was an effort to introduce a new voting counting system, it will stay this way for this year – and presumably until 10th anniversary of the contest.

Remark about Time Schedule
Time scheduling caused confusion, due to contestants spread over the whole world, each of the schedules is a “soft” schedule, especially the entry time. If you come up with your entry half a day late ( but no more than a day), it is perfectly fine. Consider that entries which are longer in the view of reviewers have a better impact, and that later entered entries might get overlooked.

Remark about Voting System I
During the time of the submission period and the voting period the display of view counts and current voting is globally disabled in the gallery.

Remark about Voting System  II
Each section will feature 2 winners, one by the most total counts, and one by the best average count.

Remark about Gallery File Sizes and Dimension
The hosting package for the website is now at maximum, the allowed image sizes have been increased immensely, now 5000×5000 pixels and a file size of 25 megabytes is now enabled for uploads

The Competition is split up into 3 sections:

Competition Sections
Still Frame Wildstyle
The still frame section allows submission of any image without any restrictions, photography, layering, post works, painting. Express your feelings through an image. Attenuate Details, make use of modern image editing software to get the most out of your image. Single Click and render images might not be enough to become even recognized this year! Let your mind flow to create something new!

Still Frame Wildstyle Gallery section;cat=114

Deep Exploration Mandelbrot
This years third section is deep mandelbrot exploration. This section has 3 rules:
– Only pure mandelbrot, just escape time coloring, smoothing
– The location has to be shared within the image description
– Minimum zoom depth should be around 10^100

Deep Exploration Gallery section;cat=116

in the film section (long) fractal videos are accepted. Let your creativity flow,
Use Voxel Stack exports to bring the Fractals into your favorite 3D Program. Use a camera tracker  to place Fractal Objects in real film recordings. Create a stunning soundtrack that is perfectly  synchronized to the film. Use Sound Syncing fractal rendering software that is nowadays available (jwildfire) Your creative mind might need an extension for this. This is the champions league of fractal art!

The film section now requires that you include the following text in the intro/outro of your production:
“ Annual Fractal Art Competition 2016”
this is for specially recognizing it as competition entry.

include greetings as you like greeting other fractalists is a nice way showing we are alive

Film Gallery Section:;cat=115


It has been way to long time since I posted anything to this blog and I want to reconnect with all my friends here and give you all an update of the latest goings on. My FaceBook Group, “Mandelbulb Maniacs” has taken off. We are on the verge of passing the 7000 members mark . The group has so many wonderful people that are very patient and kind and willing to share the beautiful art they create as well as tips and tricks with everyone else in the group. There are so many incredibly talented members that are there all the time and generously help new users navigate through the software. We have daily challenges plus a bi-monthly Master Class where we invite select members to sit on the hot seat and answer whatever questions the membership has for them in the 45 minute time frame allotted for the session. It is a very friendly place and in my humble opinion it is the BEST fractal art group on FaceBook!

Here are a few images I have tweaked from members of the group recently.


Landscape of the Living Bulb



Sphere Creation Process

There is so much more to discover as we have members that push the envelope daily with some extreme fractals. If you are not already a member, I personally invite you to come join use and learn some leading edge techniques and interact with other fractal artist.

Mandelbulb Maniacs



If you ever thought about learning how to create 3D Fractals like the ones you see on this site, or if you already know all about Mandelbulb 3D and want to share your art and parameters, tips, tutorials and comments with like minded talented artist, then you should join our little group! Currently just over 3oo members, this group is the place to be for those in the know or for those who want to know!

We all share parameters so often that one of the members built a web page dedicated to sharing the group collaborative efforts in one convenient place.