Years ago I used to think I was pretty good with Gimp. But then as I started really looking around at other people’s creations, I realized just how much I didn’t know! So I joined deviant art in an effort to show off my skills, even though they were inadequate and to learn from other that had the skill level I wanted to be at! Then I discovered fractal art. I was blown away be the variety and complexity of what I saw. That is when I discovered Mandelbulb 3D. ​ I knew I just had to learn how these people were making these fantastic images. ​

There are lots of fractal programs out there but once I started using Mandelbulb 3D I was hooked, addicted really. I tried other programs but just could not get into them. I feel deeply in love with creating fractals with this program. I even created a group on deviant art just for fractal art! If you visit da very often, you have probably heard of Xtreme Fractals. At some future point I may give one of those other programs a serious look, but for now, I’m still loving Mandelbulb 3D.

You can get your free copy of  Mandelbulb 3D ​​​here.​​


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