A comprehensive practical guide to adding non-fractal material

One of the members of the Facebook group Mandelbulb Maniacs and deviantart member for two years, Lyn Taryn has written this excellent tutorial that I just had to share with you! Describing the tutorial she says,


Tut image

“A comprehensive practical guide to adding non-fractal material in MB3D – Lightmaps, Heightmaps and Backgrounds. With tips on adding figures, animals etc convincingly post-render. It is aimed as a reference for the non-mathematical: beginners and the more experienced alike.

My aim was to create something like a chapter from the manual MB3D has never had, drawing together available knowledge and tutorials (with links as relevant) on these topics. This isn’t just an update of my original notes but a complete revision with new content. It also adds knowledge from others in the community too: including new clarification I received from artists at both DeviantArt and Mandelbulb Maniacs Facebook Group gave me while I prepared it.

In particular, I’m grateful to Dortus Gunst for contributing a list (with links) of different ways he has found to use heightmaps that go beyond the multiple tiling of the defaults. Gary Webb, and Lee Oliver added detailed advice on adding heightmaps as floors or other textured or shiny planes. Oxnot from Deviant also gave me guidance on handling the often neglected Heightmap2IFS. I am also grateful to those unnamed Deviants and Maniacs, who have also been quick to respond to my questions.”

This is definitely worth the time to download, read and study! Great Job Lyn !

You will also find a very good resource on her da page called

Notes in the Sphere Formulae

as well as

Notes on CylinderIFS settings


We look forward to your next tutorial!





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