It has been way to┬álong time since I posted anything to this blog and I want to reconnect with all my friends here and give you all an update of the latest goings on. My FaceBook Group, “Mandelbulb Maniacs” has taken off. We are on the verge of passing the 7000 members mark . The group has so many wonderful people that are very patient and kind and willing to share the beautiful art they create as well as tips and tricks with everyone else in the group. There are so many incredibly talented members that are there all the time and generously help new users navigate through the software. We have daily challenges plus a bi-monthly Master Class where we invite select members to sit on the hot seat and answer whatever questions the membership has for them in the 45 minute time frame allotted for the session. It is a very friendly place and in my humble opinion it is the BEST fractal art group on FaceBook!

Here are a few images I have tweaked from members of the group recently.


Landscape of the Living Bulb



Sphere Creation Process

There is so much more to discover as we have members that push the envelope daily with some extreme fractals. If you are not already a member, I personally invite you to come join use and learn some leading edge techniques and interact with other fractal artist.