Fractal Generators Software List

If you are interested in creating your own Fractal Masterpieces, here is a list of programs that may be of interest! This list does not include all Fractal Programs by any means, but if is a good start!

Tiera-zon (& other Stephen Fergusons’ Programs) (Shareware)
XenoDream (Shareware with free trial)
Ultra Fractal (Shareware with free trial)
Fractal Explorer (Free)
Xaos (Free)
Apophysis (Free)
Apophysis 7x (Free)
Fractal Science Kit – Fractal Generator (Shareware)
ChaosPro (Free)
Visions Of Chaos (Shareware)
Mind Boggling Fractals (Free)
Chaoscope (Free)
Mandelbulber (Free)
Incendia (Free)
Fractint/WinFract (Free)
Sterling 2 (Free)
Fractice (Free)
Fractal Forge (Free)
Mandala Explorer (Free)
Mandelbrot Explorer (Free)
Mandelbulb 3D (Free) My Personal Favorite
Kaos Rhei (Free)
Gimp (Free)
Terry Gintz Programs (Shareware)
Mandebrot Deep Zoom (Free)
Gnofract 4D (Free)
Saturn & Titan (Free)


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