The Coolest Bookmarking System EVER!!

If you have not discovered PearlTrees yet you are in for a treat! This amazing non-obtrusive blue button that lives at the bottom of your browser is easy to use and incredibly powerful one you get the hang of it!

Here is and example of some WordPress sites I bookmarked using PearlTrees! Of course you can bookmark any site or video on the web. You can share your Pearl by email, Twitter, Facebook or by pasting the flash code for any Pearl or your entire collection wherever you like! Unfortunately, I am not able to paste the code here, so I have provided a link instead!

Plus, PearlTrees is a community of bookmark fanatics as well. You can browse through other people’s collection and add a single Pearl to your collection or link that persons entire collection to your own.  You really need to check this one out for yourself!

WordPress in Ricky Jarnagin (dsynegrafix)


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